Skin Composer

Skin Composer is a handy tool to make the process of creating Scene2D skins easier. Its extensive wiki provides information on how to use it.

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  • Live preview of all widgets with configurable options
  • Specify tinted, tiled, and custom created Drawables right in the editor
  • Includes BitmapFont editor and Image font generator like Shoebox
  • Freetype support and custom serializer to generate fonts from Json
  • Nine-Patch editor with batch functions for multiple images
  • Integrated support for TenPatch allowing for smart-resizing, animated UI’s.
  • Implement your own classes allowing for extended Skin functionality
  • Create basic Scene2D layouts with Scene Composer
  • VisUI template and sample projects included

Scene Composer

Later versions of Skin Composer also include a Scene Composer, a WYSIWYG editor that can export JSON or Java files to be loaded directly in-game. It allows easily prototype Scene2D layouts and seeing your Skin in action.