Color Markup Language

The BitmapFontCache class supports in-string colored text through a simple markup language.

Markup is disabled by default. Use the public member font.getData().markupEnabled to turn it on/off.

The markup syntax is really simple but still versatile:

  • [name] Sets the color by name. There are a few predefined colors, see the Colors.reset() method for an exhaustive list. Users can define their own colors through the methods of the Colors class.
  • [#xxxxxxxx] Sets the color specified by the hex value xxxxxxxx in the form RRGGBBAA where AA is optional and defaults to 0xFF.
  • [] Sets the color to the previous color (kind of optional end tag)
  • [[ Escapes the left bracket.

Notice that color names are case-sensitive, cannot be empty, cannot start with neither # nor [, and cannot contain ]. Also, any occurrence of [ in the color name must not be escaped.

Unknown colors, illegal hex codes and unclosed tags are silently ignored and treated as normal text.

For a sample code see the test class BitmapFontTest.

Note: When using with Scene2D you have to remove the fontColor property from LabelStyle definition in the skin.json file to have markup coloring work with a Label.