Adding new Keycodes

Short info on how to add new keycodes:

  • Add the keycodes to Input.Keys (don’t forget to define Input.Keys.toString() for the new codes).

  • Android: If they exist for Android, use same codes as in Android’s KeyEvent class. If not existent for Android, define a keycode non-clashing with Android’s codes and document it as a comment. Due to Android’s key code being same than libgdx, no change is needed in Android’s backend.
  • GWT: Changes needed in DefaultGwtInput.keyForCode(). GWT’s is incomplete. Check with all browsers and OS at hand (might be slightly different) at
  • RoboVM: Changes needed in DefaultIOSInput.getGdxKeyCode(). Check UIKeyboardHIDUsage enum (yes, you can do that on any OS).
  • Lwjgl: Use Keyboard constants in DefaultLwjglInput.getGdxKeyCode() and getLwjglKeyCode(), Lwjgl3 is similar. Don’t forget LwjglAwtInput
  • CHANGES: Document newly added keycodes and if they are completely new (unmapped before) or changing a mapping existing before

If you follow these steps, merge is highly likely.

For any controller issues, take a look at the gdx-controllers repo.

From MrStahlfelge’s comment at: #5389