libGDX Jam September 2021

raeleus raeleus

With our 18th collaboration, the libGDX Jam continues the time honoured tradition of making awesome games using the best framework out there. We encourage camaraderie, teamwork, and good sportsmanship with a side of well-intentioned buffoonery. The general jam rules can as always be found here. To participate take a look at the official page of the jam.

Be sure to get involved with the community by joining the libGDX Discord server!


The theme is Zero Gravity!. Good luck everybody!

  • Theme Submission: 12th - 14th of September. Everyone will be allowed to submit a theme for the jam.
  • Voting: 16th - 18th of September. Everyone will vote on their favourite theme. May the best win!
  • Jam: 19th - 25th of September. Participants will create their games and rejoice!


The libGDX Jam September 2021 is now over! We hope everyone had a lot of fun and are proud to present the 18 submissions. Don’t forget to check out our live-stream playthrough of all the games. Developer Doge has also recorded an excellent (and hilarious) video of him playing the games, which can be found here.

We’ll see you again in December!