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September 2023

Special Halloween/Horror Jam
No suggestions or voting.
All games must include the special theme. All other Jam rules apply.
Jam: 17th – 23rd

December 2023

Jam Suggestions: 3rd – 5th
Jam Voting: 7th – 9th
Jam: 10th – 16th


We encourage camaraderie, teamwork, and good sportsmanship with a side of well-intentioned buffoonery. Nonetheless, there are some rules to be followed:

  • The game must be created with the libGDX framework.
  • The game must be created within the jam period. Late submissions are to be approved by admins.
  • Starter projects and templates are permitted, so long as they are not fully fledged games.
  • You can work in groups or individually.
  • Your game must be based on the selected theme.
  • Any and all copyright laws pertaining to assets you use must be followed.

Past Jams