Brand Guidelines

We’ve had a lot of inquiries from developers wondering whether they can use our logo in their games. We love to get credit for the great games you produce using libGDX, so we created these guidelines to help you to make fair use of our name and logo.

Any use of our brand and visual identity must adhere to the requirements and restrictions set out hereinafter.

libGDX Name

The name “libGDX” always starts with a lower-case l, even at the beginning of a sentence. GDX is always written in upper-case letters.

Logo (PNG / PNG Dark / SVG / SVG Dark)

libGDX Logo libGDX Logo Dark

  • The logo may be scaled to a different size, but not stretched, condensed, stylized, overlayed, skewed, or otherwise altered.
  • Be mindful not to place the logo over complicated imagery or patterns.
  • The logo must not be used in a way that would confuse viewers into thinking a product or website was authored or sponsored by libGDX.
  • However, the logo can be used to indicate that a game or project was made with libGDX. This includes showing the logo in a splash screen in your game.

Stacked Logo (PNG / PNG Dark)

libGDX Stacked Logo libGDX Stacked Logo Dark

The stacked version of the logo should only be used where economy of space reasonably demands it.


"lib" #000000 if the label is used on a light background;
#ffffff otherwise
"GDX" #e74a45