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In Status Report #2 we announced our commitment to increase the frequency of releases for libGDX. Our intention was – and is – to provide more stability and reliability for you, the developers, as well as to enable you to start integrating our improvements and new features much quicker into your applications. After a brief adjustment period, we are now on track to release monthly versions of libGDX.

1.9.14 is a maintenance release, mainly containing minor changes and improvements. Among those are a few (small) breaking changes, so please take note if you are updating your existing applications:

  • [Core] AnimationDesc#update now returns -1 (instead of 0) if an animation is not finished (#6303)
  • [Core] InputEventQueue no longer implements InputProcessor; to preserve old behaviour pass an InputProcessor to #drain. (#6357)
  • [Headless] HeadlessApplicationConfiguration#renderInterval was changed to #updatesPerSecond; so, for example, 16.6F should become 60 (#6306)
  • [iOS]IOSUIViewController has been moved to its own separate class (#6336)

Known issues: At the moment, there are some issues with Meshes, ModelCaches, glTexImage2D (used by framebuffers) and the RoboVM backend (duplicate symbol errors). This is fixed in libGDX 1.10.0.

Other notable changes are:

  • There is a new ScreenUtils#clear method. This is meant as a simpler version of Gdx.gl.glClearColor(r, g, b, a); and Gdx.gl.glClear(mask); and allows you to save a whole of 23 characters! Incredible, isn’t it?
  • Moreover, we introduced a Graphics#setForegroundFPS() method to allow (simpler) FPS changes at runtime.
  • In addition, the platform-specific Gdx.files implementations can now be overridden.
  • Please be aware that the gdx-controller releases now use their own versioning scheme. The latest version is 2.1.0. Find out more in the migration guide.

Last but not least, we’d also like to thank everybody who tested this release after code freeze! We are glad for any help!

Full changelog

The latest version of dependencies can, as always, be found here.

- [BREAKING CHANGE] iOS: IOSUIViewController has been moved to its own separate class
- [BREAKING CHANGE] API Change: G3D AnimationDesc#update now returns -1 (instead of 0) if animation not finished.
- [BREAKING CHANGE] InputEventQueue no longer implements InputProcessor, pass InputProcessor to #drain.
- [BREAKING CHANGE] HeadlessApplicationConfiguration#renderInterval was changed to #updatesPerSecond
- API addition: Added Pixmap#setPixels(ByteBuffer).
- API change: ScreenUtils#getFrameBufferPixmap is deprecated in favor to new method Pixmap#createFromFrameBuffer.
- API Addition: Added overridable createFiles() methods to backend application classes to allow initializing custom module implementations.
- API Addition: Add a Graphics#setForegroundFPS() method.