In today’s Status Report we are going to be talking about some of our plans for more community involvement.

Community Showcases

Going forward, we’d like to give the creators of interesting community projects the opportunity to present their exciting libraries or tools on the official blog. For this purpose, we have decided to introduce a new category of posts: Community Showcases. Community Showcases are meant to give an overview of the features a library/tool offers (screenshots, demos and videos are very welcome!) and provide examples of how any of us libGDX users can profit from using that very project. The first of these showcases will be posted in around a week, so stay tuned!

If you yourself want to participate, there are some broad criteria for libraries to be considered for Community Showcases:

  • First and foremost, the tool/library has to be useful and of interest to the community!
  • It should have a clear scope and offer good documentation of its features (README, Wiki, Videos, Setup Instructions).
  • The project should be proven! It helps if other community members have tried out your project and can attest to its quality.
  • The project should generally be compatible with GWT (or there is a good reason why it is not).
  • The creator should be a member of our Discord server.

If you are interested in participating and positive that you fulfil these criteria, contact us on Discord. Please take a look at the corresponding wiki page as well, which will be used to communicate any future changes to those requirements.

Any other plans?

Another area we want to improve upon is the documentation of libGDX. We are well aware it can be spotty in some places. That is why we want to invite all of you to contribute to our libGDX wiki. If you find any incorrect, outdated or missing information, please feel free to edit the wiki page in question. This is a big undertaking and we could use any help we can get!

We are also thinking about ways to better integrate community tutorials into our documentation. If you have any ideas, hit us up on Discord.

That was it for today’s Status Report! If you want to pass the time until our first Community Showcase, be sure to check out our roadmap, which we recently brought up to date!