This is a broad list of the major features and improvements we have currently planned for libGDX. As we’re all doing this in our spare time, we refrained from giving any concrete dates and deadlines – plans are always subject to change.

There are also a lot of other improvements in the works, which may not be not big enough to be mentioned on here, but are no less noteworthy. If you want to keep up to date with what is going on with libGDX at the moment, be sure to read our regular Status Reports.

AWT Support for LWJGL 3

Currently, AWT and Swing are not working with the LWJGL 3 backend due to some restrictions of GLFW. We have some ideas on how to work around this.1, 2
In Progress

Box2D Update

In July 2020, the original Box2D received its first update in over 6 years! Now we're working to include those changes in libGDX.1

Console Support

Various users have explored the topic of libGDX console support.1

Geometry/Tesselation/Compute Shaders

We really want to look into geometry, tesselation and compute shaders. However, we can't give any promises yet, as this is still just a far-off idea.1, 2
In Progress

gdx-video Resurrection

We have some plans drawn up to revive the old gdx-video extension. The first snapshots are now available!

GWT 2.10.0

The Web backend of libGDX is currently based on GWT 2.8.2. An update to version 2.9+ would offer support for Java 11 language features, like the 'var' keyword.1, 2
In Progress

Kotlin-Compatible Web Backend

A Web backend that is compatible with other JVM languages has been talked about for a couple of years. Ideas include using TeaVM and Bytecoder.1, 2, 3

TiledMap Extension

Our TiledMap implementation is not as up to date as we would like it to be. Therefore, we are considering to move it to its own repo to separate its release cycle from libGDX's and to assess its compatibility with other map editors than Tiled.1, 2, 3

Particle Editor Replacement

The current particle editor depends on Swing and fails on M1 Macs. A completely overhauled particle editor created solely with libGDX will address this issue. The main goal is to modernize the app while maintaining full compatibility with libGDX particles.1
In Progress

Last updated: June 2023