Today we’d like to share a broad roadmap of our future plans for libGDX with you. This is also meant to shorten the time you all have to wait for our Status Report about the new web-based setup tool, which we promised in the 1.9.12 changelog.

Our roadmap is intended to list all of the major features and improvements planned for libGDX, most of which we have already talked about in our past Status Reports. The roadmap will also be updated in accordance with our future Status Reports.

The list is not exhaustive, meaning there are also a lot of other improvements in the works, which may not be not big enough to be mentioned on here, but are no less noteworthy. We purposely refrained from giving any concrete dates and deadlines – as we’re all doing this in our spare time, plans are always subject to change.

To take a look at the roadmap click here. It can also be found via Documentation > Contributing to libGDX > Roadmap.

This was it for today’s Status Report! See you all in #5, where we will take a look at the new setup tool.