Welcome to the new libGDX homepage!

crykn damios

In the last few days, we have been hard at work to polish our web presence and show you all what libGDX is really capable of. We are particularly proud of our new showcase section, demonstrating some really impressive projects. Going forward, we also want to post info on our regular game jams here. Next week, we’ll start with collecting theme suggestions for our September 2020 Jam.

Like libGDX itself, this website is a community effort as well. So if you want to contribute, please come by our GitHub repo. As this site is a Jekyll blog, hosted via GitHub Pages, it uses markdown for most of its pages. This makes creating content very convenient. As theme we are using Minimal Mistakes.

Exciting times are ahead of us and we are very much looking forward to the changes coming to libGDX in the coming weeks and months.