About libgdxjam.com

From 2018 to 2019, libgdxjam.com was the platform for libGDX game jams. It provided a lot of cool features (theme voting, submissions, etc.) and was used for hosting seven (!) of our beloved libGDX game jams. For that, our sincerest thanks to the two people that made all of that possible: Bigbass and tecksup!

With the rising popularity and convenience of itch.io's game jam feature, in late 2019 the libGDX community decided to switch platforms and starting with our August 2019 jam libgdxjam.com became a relic of the past. When in early 2021 Bigbass and tecksup decided to shut down their site, that was only the logical consequence. However, as to not let all of the submissions to those seven jams in the years 2018 to 2019 vanish, we were more than happy to preserve those submissions in an archived version of libgdxjam.com.

If you are interested in our upcoming libGDX game jams, be sure to check out our current website!