Project Setup via Command Line

This section describes how you can create a libGDX project from the command line. This is not required if you use the setup tool’s wizard. The following arguments are to be specified:

  • dir: the directory to write the project to, relative or absolute
  • name: the name of the application, lower-case with minuses is usually a good idea, e.g. mygame
  • package: the Java package under which your code will live, e.g. com.badlogic.mygame
  • mainClass: the name of the main ApplicationListener of your app, e.g. MyGame
  • sdkLocation: the location of your Android SDK, IntelliJ uses this if ANDROID_HOME is not set
  • excludeModules: the modules to exclude (lwjgl2; lwjgl3; Android; iOS; HTML) separated by ‘;’ and not case sensitive, e.g. Android;ios. Optional. Default it includes all the modules
  • extensions: the extensions to include (same name as in GUI: Bullet; Freetype; Tools; Controllers; Box2d; Box2dlights; Ashley; Ai) separated by ‘;’ and not case sensitive, e.g. box2d;box2dlights;Ai. Optional

Putting it all together, you can run the project generator on the command line as follows:

java -jar gdx-setup.jar --dir mygame --name mygame --package com.badlogic.mygame --mainClass MyGame --sdkLocation mySdkLocation [--excludeModules <modules>] [--extensions <extensions>]