libGDX is being developed lovingly and not for profit by over 300 contributors across the globe. Some of them work on it in their free time. Others make it part of their day job. All of them contribute their code under the very permissive Apache 2 license, which means you can use all our code in commercial and non-commercial projects without any strings or license fees attached.

Sadly, libGDX’s infrastructure does not yet run on love. We currently have 2 Linodes and one Mac Mini which are responsible for serving you the forum, the blog, the nightly and release builds and which are also sharing the load of building nightlies on every code change via our Jenkins instance. All of this costs us roughly $45 per month. The libGDX core team is hence kindly asking for minimal support to cover these monthly costs. Any excess income through Patreon will be used to buy development and test devices for core contributors.

If you can’t help us out financially that’s OK! Give back by contributing code and participating in our community!

Thank you very much,
The libGDX Team